Dermal filler treatment

For many people, the younger they look, the better they feel about themselves. But age is an unstoppable process and, as the body grows older so does the skin and, consequently, its appearance and characteristics change.

Age, hormones sun exposure and smoking all have a part to play, causing fine lines and wrinkles to develop. The skin feels more fragile and less elastic. Plus, the hyaluronic acid in our skin decreases and this is essential for water retention. The skin also loses fat, so it looks less plump and smooth.

Dermal fillers can enhance skin by smoothing lines and plumping up areas of lost elasticity. They can be used to achieve a variety of rejuvenating results including:

  • Contouring the cheeks and chin
  • Filling deep lines, such as those that run from the nose to the mouth
  • Correcting acne or chicken pox scars
  • Restoring a youthful fullness and definition to lips

      What are dermal fillers made of?

      Our Fillers contain hyaluronic acid, substance that is already naturally present in your body. Hyaluronic Acid (or HA) stimulates cell-reproduction which boosts collagen growth. Collagen will restore elasticity to the skin, regaining volume and shape. Fillers also rejuvenate the skin, bringing back colour and vigour.

      How are fillers applied?

      A numbing cream is applied to minimise any discomfort and tiny amounts of the safe, gel-like filler are injected with an ultra-fine needle into the areas requiring treatment. There is no need for a recovery period and results are instant, lasting for several months.

        Is the treatment uncomfortable?

        A local anaesthetic cream is used to make treatment as comfortable as possible. For treatments near the mouth, we may freeze the area with an injection which is similar to a dental anaesthetic. The smooth consistency of the Hylauronic Acid product allows your medical practitioner to administer it easily and smoothly. It also contains 0.3% lidocaine to reduce injection pain for a more comfortable experience.

        After the treatment we will supply you with aftercare instructions to maximise benefit.

        How long will the effects last?

        As with all non-surgical treatments, the effects will gradually wear off over time but you can maintain your smoother, plumper skin with top-up treatments.

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