Home whitening

Whiten your teeth in the comfort of your home with powerful and long lasting results – You may see a change in as little as 2 weeks.

What is the teeth whitening procedure?

Your dentist will take impressions of your lower and upper teeth to be sent off to the dental laboratory to custom make your whitening trays. Within 1-2 weeks your trays will be ready to be picked up alongside the teeth whitening gel and easy to use whitening instructions. Your dentist will carefully explain how to use the trays and gel at home, as well as advising you on teeth whitening best practices and how long you will need to wear your trays for.

Is home teeth whitening really that easy?

Yes. The instructions we will give to you are:

  • Take your teeth whitening kit out of the refrigerator
  • Before placing the trays – Brush thoroughly with a tooth paste for sensitive teeth e.g. Sensodyne
  • Use the syringe to place a small amount of tooth whitening gel in the compartments of the teeth being treated
  • Fit the trays to your upper/lower jaw – Trays can be worn together or separately (whichever is the most comfortable/conveniant to you)
  • Wipe away any excess gel from your gums that may have spilled over the top
  • Wear for the duration (as indicated by your dentist)
  • Remove trays and thoroughly brush teeth with your sensitive tooth paste
  • Rinse trays under a cold tap (please note it must be cold water, as hot water can distort the trays)
  • Gently use your tooth brush to clean any gel residue that may of been left over in the trays
  • Store your home teeth whitening kit back in the refrigerator

Will home teeth whitening give me the results I want?

Yes. We have custom made the trays to exactly fit your measurements, which will hold the whitening gel in the optimum place for you, ensuring maximum results. The whitening gel given to you, will be of a higher concentration than over the counter gels, and will give you better results that last longer.

Home teeth whitening best practice

We recommend that during your home teeth whitening treatment, that you try and avoid any food or drinks that are known to cause discolouring and staining of your teeth.

For example:


  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Alcohol (red wine in particular)
  • Cola

If possible, we would avoid these during your treatment, or limit yourself to not drinking these around the time you wear your trays (1-2 hours after) A good tip is to use a straw to drink any drinks as it will reduce the exposure to your teeth


Foods with strong colours e.g. Red (pasta tomato sauces) are an example of a food that are best to avoid during your treatment.

Cutting out certain food and drinks can be quite difficult, and we do understand that this will be easier said than done – However your teeth whitening results will be much more powerful if you can attempt to stick to these home whitening best practices.


Zoom Whitening

Zoom power teeth whitening uses the heat and power of a laser to speed up the whitening effects of the whitening solution applied. This is an in house teeth whitening treatment.


Dental Veneers

If your self-confidence is affected by the appearance of your teeth, you may be considering veneers. YourLyme Bay Dental & Implant Clinic dentist can help you achieve a beautiful smile without lengthy orthodontics.

Related FAQs



How long will my teeth stay white?

The treatment has a long-term impact on the colour of your teeth, but they will not be immune to the same discolouring as they previously suffered. Stains build up on your teeth from everyday living.

Tea, coffee, red wine, tobacco and spicy foods can all dull the natural colour of your teeth. To maintain the impact of the treatment it is advisable to brush your teeth more frequently. Your Portman dentist will explain the procedure and aftercare at your first appointment.



Is teeth whitening safe?

As long as you have healthy teeth and gums, teeth whitening is perfectly safe. One factor to look out for is the peroxide concentration in the whitening agent, as it may weaken the tooth enamel.

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